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PARADIGM DIGITAL is a part of the Paradigm Shift Consulting Group of Companies.


PARADIGM DIGITAL are a provider of next-gen business solutions and collaborate with customers worldwide.

With an experienced, enthusiastic and knowledgeable team who have worked across a variety of industries and domains, we have helped many customers with quick, cost effective, professional service and solutions.


Incepted in 2015, PARADIGM DIGITAL is headquartered in Leicester, UK. Our commitment to quality and pioneering has created a small but loyal customer base, across 10 countries with ninety five percent client retention.


PARADIGM DIGITAL, business services and solutions primarily support SME’s (small-medium enterprises) and offer affordable, quality solutions. Our stakeholders place confidence in our UK-based business for innovative solutions, expertise and services in web, Mobility, Gaming, Open provision frameworks, Embedded Services and web/logo design consultancy.

Our objective is to deliver durable, scalable, viable and quality solutions whereas adhering to client needs and budgets.


PARADIGM DIGITAL are part of Paradigm Shift Consulting Group.

Having noticed a gap in the market for agile, cost effective solutions, and having used a number of over-priced and unwieldy businesses, Paradigm Shift Consulting Group decided to enter into the market with “common sense” and reasonably priced products.

Having worked with a number of happy clients in different countries on differing projects, PARADIGM DIGITAL hope to work with you in the future.

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